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Extreme Testing

Pedi cases were tumbled

and bumped end over end  thirty times and the violin and bow inside were completely undamaged.


A fully loaded Pedi case was hung from the handles and shaken 5,000 times, the handles remained attached.


A standard Pedi case

withstood a load of 80kg (176lbs) without sustaining any damage.


A Pedi case was left under running water for 30 minutes.

The interior was still dry.


Zipped and unzipped 10,000 times, the Pedi case zipper

still worked smoothly.


A Pedi case was dropped 3 times in a row from a height

of 3 metres with no

damage to the violin

and bow inside.


Pedi's bow spinners were turned 10,000 times and

they still worked.









Pedi For Violin:

Model 8300:

Pedi Plus Luxury...

The strongest and most luxurious Pedi violin case. Exquisitely engineered functionality coupled with unmatched protection...

  • Patented design includes thicker ergonomic ultra light backpack straps
  • Eco tested waterproof materials
  • Standard side feet
  • Soft, light handmade leather handle
  • Extra large shoulder rest compartment
  • one touch compartment lid
  • Dimensions: 12" wide, 32" long, 6 1/2" high (5.5" high w/backpack attachment removed)
  • Weight: only 5.5 lbs - w/straps: only 6.1 lbs - w/straps & backpack: 7.05 lbs
  • Available in black or chocolate brown exterior
  • Interior color: choice of camel microfiber or velvet



Structure You Can Trust

The patented "SteelShield" shell design provides pressure resistance up to 150lbs/sq. ft. The ultra dense synthetic form-based shell maintain a steady internal temperature while reducing the chance of humidity fluctuations.

Universal Comfort

Pedi's Model 8300  is manufactured from a unique material that is both waterproof, comfortable to carry and, most importantly, extremely lightweight.The quilted and padded surface increases it's shock resistance and keeps water away from your precious instrument and your sheet music.The front guard flap is magnetized to ensure constant protection from the elements and the ultra soft leather handle provides comfort for your hands.

Function To Fashion

The Pedi Model 8300 is both elegant and fuctional. There are two bow holders trimmed with genuine leather plus a digital hygrometer and a humidifier tube to help provide the perfect environment for your instrument's protection. A "one click" accessory compartment and a large shoulder rest pocket give you plenty of storage capacity along with a full suspension system for added safety. The interior is available in traditional velvet or a more modern and fashionable microfiber material.


The Pedi Model 8300 comes with a unique patented backpack system. The heavily-padded backpack straps are strategically meshed for breathe-ability and comfort. When not in use the shoulder straps can be elegantly concealed or completely removed to reduce the weight and the size of the case.


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Check out these details...

This Pedi case utilizes the same patented design "Steel shield"structure to achieve the ultimate in balance, function, weight, strength, shock and heat resistance while adding a level of luxury and sophistication unavailable in similar priced cases.

Here are the reasons why you are going to want to upgrade your level of protection and luxury and purchase this unique violin case. 

Comfort: Pedi's 8300 model is built for comfort. 

The exterior sports their unique quilted waterproof material which not only increases the shock resistance even further, it also provides a soft cushion between the case and the person carrying it. It is simply luxurious.

Magnets on the front flap guard ensure that everything inside stays solidly protected against the elements.



The picture says it all (but remember to remove your shoes before trying this at home). 




Straps, Handles And The Pedi Backpack System:


The Pedi model 8300 also comes with an upgraded version of their unique strap and a backpack system.

The straps are plush, making this case a pleasure to carry over the shoulder or in the backpack configuration. Once again on the 8300 the shoulder strap and backpack system can be folded back into a special pocket when you don't need them eliminating the annoyance of flapping straps.

Pedi even went one step further.

The whole backpack system can be quickly unzipped and removed when its not needed.


There are also two soft leather handles, one in the traditional side position and another "metro" handle on the top end allowing the case to be carried easily in the upright position. 




The Interior - This Is Where It Gets Really Interesting:

Everything available in the Pedi model 111000 is incorporated into the model 8300 but Pedi has added so much more to the 8300.



Once again you have a humidifier system but this time it includes a digital hygrometer/thermometer for added peace of mind.


Real leather holders protect your bow and there is a tube for spare strings.