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Charm Strings...


New strings for a new era, from the makers of ForTune...

Charm Violin...

Charm violin Strings combine the gut string style rich sound with synthetic string playing comfort. With these violin strings you obtain a light and colorful sound quality which responds with high sensitivity to every nuance.

  • E - Steel core, alloy wound
  • A - Synthetic core, aluminum
  • D - Synthetic core, aluminum
  • G - Synthetic core, silver


Charm Cello...


Charm cello strings have a rich, intense and well focused sound, they react easily and feel comfortable to the fingers. With these strings you can obtain a warm and even sound with a powerful projection.


  • A - Alloy wound
  • D - Alloy wound
  • G - Chrome wound
  • C - Tungsten wound


    Charm Bass...


    Charm bass strings respond precisely and directly. They are well balanced, powerful and accurate with a mellow sound. With these strings you can achieve a wide shading of colors and display rich nuance. All rope core.


  • G - Alloy wound
  • D - Alloy wound
  • A - Alloy wound (4/4 - 3/4 only, fractional tungsten)
  • E - Alloy wound (4/4 - 3/4 only, fractional tungsten)




Opal Viola...


Opal Green for viola is a high quality handmade string of medium tension, a string that offers a clear, warm and powerful tone with a bright spectrum of overtones similar to gut strings.


Compared to more traditional strings these strings allow the player to obtain a rich and transparent tone without excessive tension.


Opal Green comes with a choice of two types of A string


  • A - Kevlar core, alloy wound
  • A - Steel core, alloy wound
  • D - Kevlar core, silver wound
  • G - Nylon core, silver wound
  • C - Nylon core, tungsten - silver wound


For more information on these strings:

Call: 1-800-930-1955



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We asked some dealers to try Charm Violin strings, here's what one of them had to say: "Warm and bold string set with rich tone and pretty fast response. Brighter and louder than Dominants, darker than standard Evah..."