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:::::: Pedi Raincoats :::::::

Protect your precious instrument from the rain

with a Pedi "raincoat"

for your case. More colors are being added soon - call for selection...


::: Melos Funny Rosin ::::

Available in dark or light.


:: Musilia Case Update ::

Pads are now available

that will allow you to easily

convert your Musilia case

to safely accommodate

a 7/8 size cello. Call us

for details...





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Kaplan Viola...


Kaplan has always been synonymous with quality, consistency and tradition. D’Addario now offers a Kaplan viola set, aimed at the most discerning professional musicians.

Kaplan viola strings offer the beautiful, rich tonal palette and the superb bowing response characteristic of the Kaplan line.





Planet Waves Tuners & Metronomes...

The Planet Waves PW-MT-02 Metronome Tuner is an essential practice tool for both the beginning and advanced musician.

The full featured metronome includes loud woodblock tone, tempo, beats per measure, and time division variations making both basic and complicated rhythm patterns possible. The chromatic tuner features an easy-to-read needle meter style display.



Larsen Virtuoso For Violin… 

The novelty of these strings is their unique combination of moderate string tension and great volume. The result is exceptional subtlety and clarity. Together with fast string response and easy playability these strings offer a finely nuanced sound.

Larsen Virtuoso strings are offered in two tensions: medium and strong. However, the tension of the medium set is somewhat below the level of most known medium sets, the tension of the strong strings is only slightly above medium level. 







A Metronome Tuner Designed For A Violin...

Tuning a violin, viola or cello with a clip tuner is a real challenge. Most of the clip tuners are designed to fit other instruments. What was needed was a tuner that clips to the scroll of the instrument. The OT-4 from our good friends at Oasis is the answer.

Tuner features: 
Special scroll clip
Visual Metronome 30-280 BPM
Calibration: 410 HZ-490 HZ
Microphone or vibration tuning
Auto-Chromatic Tuning Range: B0-B7
Three color display
+/-1 Cent accuracy


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::::: We now stock Polly Mutes :::::


:::: Pedi Model 8300 Case ::::


::::: Evah Gold For Violin :::::


::::: Flexocor Deluxe Bass ::::::



::: Crown Strings For Cello ::::


:::: Viotech Bow Cushions :::::